UEH Assigned Facility Codes


The following are some of the UEH facility codes that have already been assigned. Note that this list is almost never up to date, so don't rely on it to determine what codes are available - use the email request process instead.

Facility Name Code(s) Owner
MS Windows 0 Microsoft
MSDOS 1 Microsoft
Delphi RT 2 Borland
tFS 3 C&C
tFile 4 C&C
tFH 5 C&C
Sirius Virtual Machine (SVM) 6 Alan Conroy
  7 IWP
  8 IWP
  9 IWP
  10 IWP
  11 IWP
  12 IWP
CDD 13 C&C
Lib 14 C&C
Conference 15 C&C
CEF Generic Memory 16 Alan Conroy
  17-18 Biblesoft
Open VMS 19 DEC (Compaq)
VAX BASIC/BASIC-Plus/etc. 20 DEC (Compaq)
  21 Biblesoft
SCU 22 Alan Conroy
  23-41 Biblesoft
Z80 (CEF CPU component) 42 Alan Conroy
TBlock_Device 43 Alan Conroy
TNative_File 44 Alan Conroy
TWin32_File 45 Alan Conroy
TWin32_File_System 46 Alan Conroy
Sirius (compile-time) 47 Alan Conroy